Chapter 1: Overview of the drugs situation in the CEECs – situation and responses

Historical overview  |  Thematic analysis of situation and responses  |  Public health and social policy: key challenges for the future

Chapter 2: Drug and alcohol use among young people

Main findings  |  Comparative analysis of available data  |  Health and social consequences  |  Demand and harm reduction responses  |  Conclusions

Chapter 3: Drug-related infectious diseases

Introduction  |  Prevalence of and trends in HIV infection  |  Prevalence of and trends in hepatitis C infection  |  Hepatitis B infection  |  Tuberculosis and other diseases  |  Drug-related infectious diseases risk behaviour  |  Substitution treatment  |  Vaccination against hepatitis B  |  Access to counselling and testing  |  Access to treatment  |  Summary and conclusions

Chapter 4: Characteristics of drug strategies in the acceding and candidate countries

Introduction  |  Legislation  |  National drug strategies  |  Conclusions

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